Translation Services

Translation Service

When it comes to translating a document, it requires a unique skill. Because for effective translation, it is essential to have mastery in both the languages- the language in which the document is written and the language to which the document is to be translated. Hence, the translator needs to be an expert in rewriting a document otherwise the original document may lose its importance or actual meaning when translated.

Why is Translation Service Required

Often people need to translate necessary documents for many different purposes. For instance, while marketing a product or service in different states of India, the marketer may need to spread awareness and understanding about the product/services to different types of users who may not be aware of the original language used for the same. In such instances, it is important to translate the information into the local language before campaigning. There are many documents related to medicines, users’ manual, instructions, guidelines, and other documents like legal matters, financial matters, medical instructions that are written in English and needs to be translated in different Indian languages for sharing information among people from different walks of life and in different states of India. While providing information in different locations of India, for people who are not aware of English or even some Indian languages that they are not familiar with, it becomes crucial to translate the document to the regional languages for the successful accomplishment of a programme.

How We Can Help

Translation is not merely about rewriting the content of the source document to another language. Each type of document has its own importance and purpose, and it is crucial that the translated document retains the quality and worth of the original documents at the same time solving its purpose. Our translators are native speakers of regional languages of India as well as proficient in English. Hence, they make sure that the translated document contains all the necessary information of the source one and is written in a format that can actually cater to the need of the target audience.

Our translators use the technology tools to achieve the best possible outcome. For each type of document, we maintain the required format of content writing or the format required by our customer as we understand the target audience and the purpose of translation before translating any document. We provide efficient translation services on technical, medical and pharmaceutical, legal, business and finance documents.

We value quality and hence, after each translation we proofread the document before submission. Quality apart, we take care of the users’ requirement and hence, we stick to the turn-around time for each task.

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