Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Transcription is an indispensable task of keeping the written document of a meeting, seminar, group discussion or an interview. Often, it becomes difficult to keep the written record of an ongoing meeting, discussion or any such event. However, with the advent of the latest gadgets, it is convenient to record the event and make audio or video files. In due course of time, the files can be transcribed and converted into written records.

People attending seminar presentations or meeting may need the event documented for future use. Sometimes, interview or a talk by a doctor is important when they share crucial information. Researchers also take interview of different people to know their opinion. In a group discussion, different people discuss different aspects of a subject. These are recorded for information. The opinions, statements, arguments or information are later on used for many different purposes. When they are required in written format, they can be transcribed. Most companies keep a written record of business discussion or meeting for hassle-free business dealings. Sometimes, transcriptions of podcasts or videos are essential for SEO strategies.

However, it needs a skilled transcriptionist to ensure that the information in an audio or video is carefully converted into a written document. Although transcription software is available, the accuracy and customised service that you can find with a manual transcriptionist will be missing with a transcription work done by software. Unless the document is written properly, it may lose its importance and sometimes it may not share the right kind of information that is actually there in the audio or video. Our transcription writers have expertise in writing the exact words as they have eye for detail of a professional transcription writer.  We have experience in working for educational institutions, market researchers, legal practitioners, business organisations.

Our services include medical transcription, legal transcription, interview transcription, academic transcription, transcription of group discussion, transcription of educational audios/videos etc. We assure you confidentiality and fast turn-around time. So, for a complete solution of your transcription need, contact us.